REIFY: (ree-uh-fi) to consider or make an abstract idea or concept real or concrete.

Owner and craftsman Joe Waller began REIFY in 2017 with a 25 years of professional engineering experience. He’s always been one for tinkering with new product ideas and improving upon existing ones, a hobby that dates back to his 17 in the Navy. REIFY is the embodiment of his passion for invention, experience in the mechanics of engineering, and desire to create a quality product for his peers and community.

The Shop

The REIFY shop is located at the base of Lookout Mountain in St. Elmo, Tennessee where Joe brings to life the ideas of our clients and creates artisan products in wood, metal and leather for sale at local events.

Our Products

Our product line includes cutting boards, wood signs and tokens, leather-bound notebooks, and custom wood beer steins, the latter of which became a huge success during the 2017 holiday season.

“I am a fan of history and tradition, which led me to research the origins of making the world’s best steins,” said Waller. “Using the traditional methods of handcrafting steins, I was able to create a product that would honor the original steins and surpass today's commercial standards.”